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The Journal of the Effective Schools Project is the official publication of The Effective Schools Project (ESP). The journal is dedicated to the dissemination of information, ideas, and research among the participants in ESP, as well as other interested educators. Published annually, each issue of the journal focuses on a particular theme, but consideration is given to non-thematic articles related to K-12 education. Visit The Effective Schools Project site and learn more about Tarleton State University's partnership with public schools: <<< ESP >>>

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{Compiled by Catherine Leamons (2014 - 2015)}

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Call for Papers

The theme for the 2017 edition will focus on awakening the drive of teachers to excel, explore, and, thus, engage all students (K-12). Action research regarding engagement with the community and students in the classroom are welcome. Therefore, engagement practices considering all students’ (K-12) diverse learning and social needs will allow readers to reflect and consider engagement practices at their respective schools and communities.

Specifically, discourse regarding the awakening of engagement style instruction and communication will be of value to educators seeking to engage students daily. We hope to be able to offer practical solutions educators are willing to implement in the K-12 setting.

Volume XXIV 2017
“Awakening of Educators to Excel, Explore, and Engage Students” 
Submission Deadline:
December 31, 2016


JESP has moved all submissions and reviewing to an online system to better meet the needs of the ESP schools and authors who share their work with us. To submit a manuscript for review with JESP, please go to click on For Authors.

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Vol 22 (2015): Passion & Well-Being: Driving Change from the Heart

JESP Volume XXII 2015
As teachers, our most important work remains the well-being of our students. This is the very purpose motivating real teachers to serve students in our care. The articles in volume XXII of JESP are filled with research and stories that serve as reminders of our purpose and passion to seek the betterment and well-being of others.